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International test centre for aquaculture technology

ACE is a large-scale laboratory facility designed to develop and test new aquaculture technologies. Facility users are researchers and others conducting practical experiments and tests both under optimally controlled and realistic conditions. ACE has offices in Trondheim and on the island of Frøya. Research activities are carried out in mid-Norway depending on the aim of the project. Main research facility, vessel and equipment are located at Frøya.

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  • Bilde av oppdrettsanlegg og båt

    SINTEF acquires ACE

    SINTEF has agreed with the rest of the owners, to buy all shares and merge the activity in to the department of Aquaculture Technology.

  • Foto: SINTEF

    Permission for seaweed production

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has given AquaCulture Engineering permission to establish research facilities for seaweed production near SalMar’s fish farm at Rataren outside Frøya.

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    Season’s greetings

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a happy new year


  • Sensodrone1


    SENSODRONE ser på mulighetene for å utnytte potensialet til ubemannede flygende farkoster for overvåking og kontroll i det maritime miljø.

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    AQUAEXCEL aims to coordinate and improve access to top class European aquaculture research facilities.

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    BILAT Escape

    Research tools for net deformation of fish in commercial scale aquaculture research facilities.